Live edge slabs & custom furniture; from start to finish.

About Dhimarko Inc.

The market for wood products is increasing every year, with this growth comes more consumption. We recognize that consumers do not have many experienced professional options. With the skills & knowledge that we possess our operation is refined and organised, keeping the environmental impact as a core focus.

Our artisan George Dhimarko is the creative mind behind the original concepts for furniture and millwork. Having started as a blacksmith in Europe in 1978 and moving to furniture making 3 years later, he has a total of over 40 years experience with bespoke craftsmanship. At the age of 29 he immigrated to Athens, Greece where he worked exclusively for the orthodox church, restoring antique entry doors, constructing libraries and also creating carving artwork for shrines.

"Come visit to see why we're truly one of a kind"- George Dhimarko


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